Bonsai Kids Leave in Power Detangler 8.5 fl. oz.

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Bonsai Kids Power Leave-In Detangler 8.5 fl. oz. - No more struggling to brush your child's hair. Releases Tangled & Snarl Hair - Multitasking control excessive frizz & split ends. | Salon Quality For Home | Safe to Use - Parabens & Sulfates Free, Made in the USA

  • LEAVE IN: The best lightweight formula, non-greasy, moisturizing, fine mist conditioner spray evenly on dry or damp hair
  • RESULTS: Your kid's hair is manageable, eliminates frizz, and adds moisture and shine. 
  • REPAIRS: Leave-in formula stays in the hair, repairing the damage from chlorine, brushing, sleeping, hats, and brushing the hair.
  •  HAIR TYPES: Tangles happen to all hair types. Bonsai Kids Power Leave-in Detangler is perfect for thin, thick, straight, or thick curly hair. Use on girls and boys. 
  • GUM: Struck gum in hair comes out easy - Spray / Saturate the area.
  • Hair Stylist Test - Mom-Approved 

To Use: 

  • Spray generous amount in the desired area
  • Use brush or comb 
  • Start at the bottom to the top of the scalp.

 Available in 8.5oz and 16oz Family size 


Bonsai Mom and Daughter


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