Maintaining an Organized Home as a Single Parent

Maintaining an Organized Home as a Single Parent

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Maintaining an Organized Home as a Single Parent

BetterHelp points out that being a single parent isn’t always the easiest. Staying organized is a challenge on your own, but doing it with a child or multiple kids living with you is even more difficult. But, with specific techniques and consistent routines, you can live an easier and more relaxing life, allowing you to spend more quality time with your kids. If this sounds like the day-to-day life you’d like to lead, then read on for tips from Bonsai Kids Hair Care Products to help you stay organized while juggling the single parent life.


Stay on Schedule

A number of parenting issues come from the difficulty of corralling your kids when things need to get done. Trying to complete necessary tasks at the last minute, or worse, forgetting about them will make your life as a single parenteven more stressful. You can find time-blocking applications on mobile devices. If you have small children, a tangible item such as a calendar might be easier for them to engage with and understand. 

Also, taxes can be challenging when you’re a single parent (especially when it comes to finding time to do them), and that can be even more difficult if you work from home, so make sure you don’t wait until the last minute. It’s definitely worth it, considering you’re able to deduct certain expenses, like business use of your home. Getting an early start is a good way to cut down on stress and make it easier to take advantage of every deduction you can get. 


Getting Kid's Hair Ready for School

Since we're always rushing, especially during morning routines before school, there are convenient ways to ensure the boys' hair is well-groomed. One effective solution is to use Bonsai Kids Gel Wax. It's easy and quick to apply, can be styled effortlessly, and holds up all day. For the girls dealing with tangled morning hair, Bonsai Kids Leave-in Detangler provides a simple and speedy remedy. Apply it to damp or dry hair, comb through, and voilà – hair is manageable and tangle-free.





Keep Things Clean

Whether you’re the parent of toddlers or teenagers, A Tidy Mind notes that cleaning is a constant challenge you’ll have to manage to avoid a cluttered house. A dirty living environment is stressful and discouraging as things pile up with additional work and parenting obligations. Get your kids involved, if possible, and use consistent practices to reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do all at once. 

For instance, it’s easier and less time-consuming to clean dishes or put them in the dishwasher immediately instead of letting them pile up. If you’re overwhelmed as a single parent and have the disposable income for outside help, consider getting a housekeeper or paying for a one-off cleaning service to get your home in good shape so you can maintain it on your own.


Stay Organized

The hardest part about organizing your home is maintaining it afterward. You’ll want to get your kids into a consistent routine to avoid doing all of the housework alone and prevent the home from getting messy again quickly. Implement proactive strategies and routines, including folding clothes and keeping bathrooms and shared spaces clean and toys organized, you can prevent living spaces from becoming cluttered, including the playroom.


Paper clutter can be a nightmare with school reports, bills, and important documents – not to mention all the paperwork that goes with selling a house, should you decide to move in the future. Consider switching to digital filing to remove the need for a filing cabinet and paper organizational systems. Instead, use a scanning app or compact scanner, or request your documents be sent to you digitally. And you can keep everything saved to the cloud for easy access whenever you need it.

If you don’t have enough space to keep things organized, consider cleaning out possessions. Make sure there’s room for new items before buying them and consider throwing away anything that’s redundant or obsolete. Remember, even if your children are very young, they can still help out in small ways. 

And keep in mind that stress can be minimized while you get organized. As just one example, making changes to your home environment can alleviate anxiety that may even otherwise go unnoticed. Seemingly small changes like adding houseplants, reducing clutter, and letting in more natural light can make a huge impact. 

Plan Meals

Planning your family’s meals in advance can save you time each week. Even if you aren't the best cook, many simple and healthy recipes are available to try. Planning and packaging school lunches for your kids, packing lunch for yourself, and planning ahead for dinner are great ways to maintain an easy routine and save money. Planning ahead also helps to avoid costly or unhealthy fast food and takeout.

Organization is Possible

It can be very challenging to keep a home clean and organized as a single parent, and doing it with young children is definitely no simple task. However, by using a planner, being proactive about cleaning, and managing and organizing shared spaces, you can make this endeavor much more attainable. 

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