About Us

Your secret to great hair at home. With kids, the hair struggle is real! Whether you need to tame tangles, manage unruly curls, protect a tender head, or get ready faster, Bonsai Hair Care Products can help.

I've been a hairstylist for over 20 years, working on television and films, from Disney to Universal Studios Productions. I'm also a father of two. Between fatherhood and hairstyling, I take tremendous pride in manufacturing the best hair care products for children: every kid matters, and kid hair matters.
I commit to continually improve our customers' experience and the quality of Bonsai Kids Hair Care Products. If a customer isn't satisfied, I'm not satisfied.
Our slogan says it all – "Hair Stylist Tested," but more important, "Mom Approved." As the saying goes, If Momma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy.
Thank you sincerely,

Anthony – Chief Bonsai



Hair Stylist Tested – Mom Approved