Kids & Toddlers Curl Revival Spray 8oz fl. oz. Restores Curls & Bounce - Kids | Toddlers - Long-Lasting for Curly Hair

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Kids & Toddlers Curl Revival Spray 8.5 fl. oz. |The Curl Revival Spray is designed to stimulate and rejuvenate curls, offering a frizz-smoothing effect without causing heaviness. It imparts body, bounce, and movement to your hair, ensuring a shiny finish. This fast-acting, lightweight, quick and effective results. Kids Hair Products - Girl Curl Spray 

Apply the spray to damp or dry hair, whether it's wavy, curly, or tightly curled. Scrunch and allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser for a speedy drying.

  • ENERGIZE: Sometimes, your kids' curls will fall flat. That's ok - energize your kids' curls easily and quickly.
  • GIRLS AND BOYS: Works great as a boy's curl enhancer or a girl's frizz reducer! It leaves their hair looking fantastic. 
  • ALL-DAY HOLD: Spray on wet or dry curls, and let dry holds all day without their hair feeling sticky or greasy. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: A kid's hair should never be weight down. Curls are beautiful when they are light in weight. Bonsai Kids Power Curl Revival Spray 
  • KIDS SAFE: No sulfates, No silicones, No parabens, No Flaking. 
  • GUARANTEE: 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Hair Stylist Test - Mom-Approved 

To Use: 

  • Spray a generous amount on their beautiful curls.
  • Cup your hand and scrunch and hair dry hair or use a diffuser.
  • Excellent on damp, dry, wavy, curly, and tightly curled hair. 


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