BK Kids Hair Detangler 10oz - Detangler Spray

BK Kids Hair Detangler 10oz - Detangler Spray

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Say goodbye to tangles with our new Bk Kidz Hair Detangler

Separate: Designed for all hair types, our detangler helps separate strands effortlessly. The convenient spray bottle makes it easy to take on-the-go, ensuring your child's hair stays tangle-free wherever they are!

Controls Tangles, Frizz, & Long Hair: Our simple spray-and-leave formula reduces the time spent negotiating the last step of hair care, leaving hair tangle-free and silky smooth!

Directions for Use: Spritz evenly onto damp or dry hair. Comb through and enjoy tangle-free silky locks! Bk Kidz hair detangler is excellent after a swim in the pool or bath time for parents and little ones.

Who We Are: Founded by a Dad and Hairstylist, we are a family-run business that meets our product standards and our kids' high standards, too!


Bonsai Mom and Daughter


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